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A Century of Transformation

Mike Briley
Mike Briley
Alumni Relations Chair

College is a time for personal growth and discovery.

Hartnell Community College was where many of us spent those life changing years. During my time at Hartnell, I developed passions that led me to a career that I love and the person who I am today. I am blessed to have had such a significant and thoughtful beginning to my higher education.

At Hartnell, we acquired so much more than a love of learning. We developed lifelong values, an appreciation for community and a sense of family. In today’s busy world, it often seems hard to know where we belong. However, those memories and values often provide me a sense of knowing who I am, an alumni of Hartnell.

As an alum, Hartnell is still a large part of my life. Today, I’m a member of the Hartnell Foundation Board of Directors and Chairman of Alumni Relations. I hope you will join me in continuing the vision of growing leaders through Hartnell’s alumni association.

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